A Little 144 Club History:

“144” stands for Watertown School District 14-4.

In 2011, the Arrow Education Foundation launched a new program called the “144 Club” to generate new resources to support staff and students in the district as our professional teachers strive “to enable all students to succeed in an ever-changing world.” We did this by asking alumni and friends to consider a tax-deductible contribution of $144.00 per year/per graduate to help with our plan to continue as a partner in the educational process in Watertown schools.


Our newest 144 Club campaign to help raise dollars for new Civic Arena upper level chairs. With just a $144 donation, your name will be placed on one, randomly placed, arena chair to express your support for the Arrow Education Foundation and to show the ARROW PRIDE lives on! For those who donate more than $1000 - Your name will be displayed on the corresponding # of random chairs AND you will also have your name printed on a special recognition board to be prominently displayed in the arena! Name on chair is NOT an indicator of reserved seating! All chairs placed randomly - no exceptions. 


The Foundation Plaza recognizes those who have founded the Foundation and also those who support its continued growth. Located on the west side of Watertown High School, the plaza contains a granite monument called the Founders' Wall listing our Foundation Founders, as well as, five panels called the Arrow Wall that is comprised of engraved bricks. These bricks can be purchased for $300 each and many are given in memory of a loved one, in honor of children or parents, or to recognize a beloved teacher.

The Foundation invites everyone to stop by and see this great show of school support by alumni and friends. The brick sales will continue until the completion of the fifth panel. Currently, there is only one panel left on which to place your desired message. 


To honor those still with us or remember those for whom you are grateful that have passed on.

WHS FOOTBALL FILMS TO DVDS - "Restoring the Tradition"

Thanks to a gift from the family and friends of Rick D. Hanson, Arrow football films are now available on DVD. Coach Virg Polak lovingly found, dated, and shepherded the process of saving brittle 16mm films and VHS tapes into top quality DVDs. A season's game may be purchased for $100 per season.

PO Box 730

Watertown SD 57201





Office Location: 1030 Arrow Ave NE

Office Hours: M-F 9am-Noon & 1pm-3pm

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