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You may print the grant application from the AEF website. Please type or print in black ink

DEADLINE is 5:00pm February 07, 2020



Grant Applicant 1:   Position School/Dept


Grant Applicant 2 (if more than 1):   Position School/Dept


Grant Applicant 3 (if more than 2):   Position School/Dept


Title of Project:   Project will begin:   and end:  


Number of Students Impacted: for weeks of   year/years


Amount Requested:  (min. $300 – max. $3,000) $     If amount were reduced, would you accept it?  Yes  No  



Please use the Criteria for Evaluation of the Grant Application found in the Innovative Education Grant Guidelines to guide your project application.


1. Describe your project; how it is innovative, creative or has an immediate impact; and how this project follows the curriculum.

a. Is there is the possibility of replication in your school or across the curriculum?  If yes, please describe this.


2. Describe how the project will have an impact on student learning and will make a difference in students attaining curriculum goals.  Include information on researched methods and instructional best practices that relate to your project.

a. Are you willing to share the outcome of your project with others?  If yes, please describe this.


3. Explain the evaluation process you will use to measure the project's success.  


4. List the specific materials and their cost that you are requesting for funding through the Foundation.

You are welcome to attach additional information and purchasing information.  


5. For technology grant applications, describe how the technology

a. is innovative and new to the district or group,

b. is compatible with the school’s network, can be supported technically by the backbone and staff, fits with the acceptable use agreements, and uses acceptable band width,

c. has been reviewed by the technology department.


If this project is requesting additional funding from other groups,  please provide information. 


Does the principal or director support the grant application?   Yes No

If it becomes necessary, will your building budget be able to support replacing grant sponsored equipment?   Yes   No


Grant recipients will be expected to produce a 60-90 second video for the HARVEST 2020 fundraiser that shows how the awarded dollars are being utilized.  Recipient to be respectful of submission date to be determined.


_____ Please Initial.


Application updated October 2019

PO Box 730

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